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Working for the Judiciary Power

Joining the Judiciary Power means working for an institution that offers attractive and stimulating working conditions, in line with the developments in society. Our employees are our main asset: we are committed to providing them with a working environment that is conducive to their professional and personal development.

Work hours: adaptability and flexibility

We are aware that it is valuable for our employees to be able to reconcile their professional and private lives.

The Judiciary Power makes every effort to promote this balance through solutions that allow you to manage your time and workplace as flexibly as possible, when it is compatible with the needs of the court and the service.

What are the options for organizing working time?

  • Teleworking: the possibility of carrying out your work from a distance, in principle from your home, tasks normally carried out on the premises of the Judiciary Power.
  • Variable working hours (from 1st of July 2021): the choice of freely allocating your working hours outside certain fixed hours, while taking into account the needs of litigants, the constraints of the institution and the interests of staff members.
  • Possibilities to switch to part-time work for staff members who request it, if this is in line with the proper functioning of the institution.

Health and well-being at work

Our collaborator's good health is a fundamental concern for our institution. We are committed to offering you a work environment that is conducive to your well-being and good quality of life.

The Judiciary Power takes care to preserve the physical and psychological health of its staff through individual or collective support measures, with or without any link to professional activity.
Our objective: to maintain the employability of staff members, contribute to their recovery and encourage them to remain at work or return to it.

Skills development

In a constantly changing world, we know how important it is for you to regularly enrich your knowledge and develop your career. The Judiciary Power places skills development at the heart of its human resources strategy.

We offer to our collaborators diverse opportunities to train and evolve in their professional life:

  • Continuous training: regular access to training programmes in order to improve your skills, to adapt to changes in your activity and to develop your competences with professional development in mind within the Judiciary Power.
  • Professional mobility: support in the context of your professional projects.

Welcoming employees

The Judiciary Power pays particular attention to welcoming and integrating staff members. We consider this to be a fundamental step in developing a sense of belonging and promoting the cohesion of the institution.

How you are welcomed at the Judiciary Power: Key elements

As soon as you take up your post, you will be informed of:

  • All the information and tools you need to take on your mission.
  • Measurable objectives to assess, during the trial and probationary period, your level of integration and your progress in the acquisition and development of your skills.
  • A training plan that will enable you to develop the expected skills. For positions related to justice such as clerk, jurist and clerk assistant, newcomers are accompanied by a job counsellor throughout their integration period.

Working relationships

The employment relationships are governed in particular by the following laws:

The regular staff members are hired for an indefinite period of time. The probationary period is 3 months. The status of civil servant is obtained at the end of the probationary period of 2 years, if the staff member has fulfilled his/her duties to the required level of satisfaction.

The auxiliary staff member is hired for a fixed period of time to carry out temporary assignments.

The specialised agent is hired on the basis of his/her special knowledge and experience to carry out a specific mission of limited duration.




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