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Direction de la logistique

The mission of the Direction de la logistique is to provide an appropriate and efficient solution to the needs of the instances and directorates of the Judiciary Power in the areas of real estate, security, reception, purchases, general services, mail, archives and libraries.




Place du Bourg-de-Four 1
1204 Genève

Contact details

Mailing address

Direction de la logistique
Case postale 3966
1211 Genève 3


Mr. Jean-Marc BAZIN


The Direction de la logistique consists of 6 departments:

  • Real estate
  • Security
  • Libraries
  • Logistical operations
  • Archives
  • Quality assurance


Real estate Service

  • This service is responsible for providing magistrates, employees and users with sufficient and suitable premises. It ensures the adaptation, maintenance and cleaning of the buildings in close collaboration with the Cantonal buildings Office.

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Security Service

  • This service is in charge of ensuring the security of people, information and property, in close collaboration with the instances and the services of the cantonal administration (police, Cantonal Office of detention).

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Library Service

  • The mission of this service is to ensure that magistrates and staff of the Judiciary Power have access to literature and contributions relating to the field of justice. It manages the 11 court libraries as well as a Central Library open to the public. It also provides assistance and expertise in the area of legal information research.

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Logistics operations Service

  • This service groups together all the operational activities for the courts and directorates. It is responsible for managing the distribution and dispatch of mail as well as internal mail. It coordinates, plans and carries out the operational follow-up of relocations. It also manages the purchase of goods and services for the Judiciary Power. Finally, it is in charge of hospitality services (receptions).


Archives Service

  • This service is responsible for developing and implementing a policy for the management of Geneva's archives and its court records, as well as ensuring the functioning of procedures for the transfer, access, consultation and loan of archive files.

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Quality assurance

  • The objective of this function is to ensure the systematic monitoring of risks on the activities of the management and prioritize the actions to be implemented. Quality assurance aims to orient activities and organize projects in order to continuously improve the quality of its services.
Jean-Marc BAZIN Logistics Director +41 22 327 62 01 E-mail
Stéphane GIVKOVIC Library Service +41 22 327 62 58 E-mail
Bénédicte TASSEAU Archives +41 22 327 63 45 E-mail
Arnaud MARTIN Logistical operations +41 22 327 63 91 E-mail
Anaïs SERALINE Real estate sector +41 22 327 62 79 E-mail

Florence BECARD

Quality assurance

+41 22 327 64 04


Security Center   +41 22 327 60 92 E-mail


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